As time passes and your family grows, I see hearts swell and eyes tear with joy and love as you announce you're pregnant and welcome your brand newborn into your home. I see your baby's teeny tiny little faces, hands, and toes. I’ve seen so many grow up right before my camera and it seems like it’s in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, we’re playing games of hide and seek as I capture their smile and you’re making goofy faces behind me. It’s the joy of watching and capturing families grow!

There's so much more than just 

photographing your family...


The SP



Think fun, snuggly, cute, with the possibility for tickles and laughter for your next family session! Kids will be kids as we all know and that means we take a different tactic when it comes to getting cute photos of your babies! I take the time needed because kids will smile more when they’re in their own element and feeling good. As any SP Family will tell you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the day extra fun for everyone!

Every Photo Captured Is All For

That Moment When...

To Your Disbelief In How Your Created Something So Beautiful...

And To Share Their Love As Your Family Continues to Grow...

You First Learn That Your 

Family Is Growing...

To Watching Them Learn and Explore...

And, Of Course, Enjoying Every Moment Of Happiness And Love!




From Real SP Families!

Every morning I wake up and see my beautiful son’s big blue eyes, and fall deeper in love with him and that’s why being able to capture these moments when he’s young means everything to me. Stephanie is the type of photographer who genuinely cares in producing top of the line pictures for you and your family. I cannot say enough good things about my experience working with Stephanie, but what I can express is my gratitude in her capturing the most precious memories of me and my family’s life! In the end, her work is more than just pictures, but snapshots of love, and laughter that will be cherished for a lifetime. Thank you Stephanie, your photographs are works of art that will always be near, and dear to my heart!


Duck Lake, Albion, MI

Baby's First Year

From Janna...





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