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The Boudoir Experience

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What is Boudoir Photography?

What Is a Little Black Book? 

It's a photo shoot made all for you. Dress up in different sets of lingerie, an oversized sweater, or even a man's dress shirt. Whatever you would feel sexiest in! During the photo shoot, I showcase what's most beautiful about you and trust me, you'll leave feeling so good about yourself because you actually are beautiful!!!

It's that little black cover book of photos that's made with a sweet surprise inside with all of the photos you love best! It's made to be a sensual surprise with a leather bound cover and the photos displayed on archival photo papers

Remember this all is about you's an experienced designed for you by you!

What's Included??

Session Locations

There are Options!

Every session takes place on location, and together we select a location that is the perfect fit for your budget and the overall look that supports your individual experience. Some women prefer their own homes, others like hotels, bed and breakfasts or other more creative spaces. I work with you to ensure that the location supports the overall feel we want as well as your budget. If the session takes place in your home, it's a good idea to clean and clear the space from anything too distracting, like gym equipment, toys, laundry, luggage, family photos, pet beds and anything that might look odd in your photos. I prefer to use natural light or minimal artificial lighting so the sessions flow naturally. When booking a room, I recommend asking for rooms with lots of natural light, space and great views. We'll chat or email about the overall look, and we'll pick a location that fits your aesthetic and budget.

Hair & Makeup


Your boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to experience the very best in professional makeup and sexy bed-head hair styling. Because this is such an intimate investment and you want to look and feel your most beautiful, professional hair and makeup is highly recommended and a fun way to pamper yourself before the shoot. If you prefer to have your hair and makeup done prior to the session, I am happy to provide a list of top make-up artists, aestheticians, salons and stylists in your area.

Styling Advice

Yes, there is more when you book!

You know what you like and you know what looks good and makes you feel sexy, which is why I ask you to bring a wide variety of wardrobe choices.  I tell every woman to bring her favorite lingerie, and at least one solid bra & panty set, but really, the sky is the limit. And don't limit yourself to just lingerie. This is a time to have fun and try something you've always wanted to wear. Favorite little dress, coziest sweater, superhero underwear, lace corset, latex jumpsuit, mardi gras headdress...I could keep going, but you get the idea.  I do suggest you bring more than you think you will need or want, and during our consultations, we can discuss wardrobe in detail. 

Black Friday Exclusive Deal

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How Long Do Sessions Last?

1.5 Hours

Boudoir Sessions are meant for us to take our time so you don't feel rushed and flustered because who can feel sexy and confidence when feeling rushed? Therefore Boudoir sessions last an hour and half with the option for you to change into 2-3 different outfits so you can have variety in posing, outfits, and options for your Little Black Book!

How to Schedule

Contact me Below!

This is the easiest part, just fill out the Contact Form below! We'll go over everything via email or phone call before I send over a contract for you to sign! 

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